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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Great Pig Caper

Yes, I have dedicated this particular blog to pigs- again. I said in a different blog that I have debated about changing the name of this blog to The Summer in the Pigpen. It has been interesting to me the amount of times I have 'changed' the name of this blog since it started.

Yesterday we decided that it would be a good move to take our pigs to a pig show locally and give them exposure. Wow, what a major undertaking and to top it off, it was over ninety degrees. We were dripping. Yuck. The show did not go as planned. We have been working them in the yard so I was under the idea that they would at least cooperate. Nope. They were horrible. They did not walk when we 'asked' them to. They fought us every step of the way. The boys were tremendously tired, hot and cranky. Another day spent together~

I am not certain what the pig issue is... Everyone at the show kept trying to tell us how to fix our pigs. It was everything that we have been trying. The good news- one of the guys clipped our pigs on Friday night for us. What a horrific process. I think that I am damaged for life. Pigs do not like to be clipped. Enough said?

I have to say though that there were funny times too. One time I sent Jared down the barn with his pig and went the other way to meet him and help him get the stubborn pig into the chute. I waited and waited. Nothing. Finally, I heard in the wind that there was a boy who had a loose pig. By loose, I mean outside of the barn. A little kid had left the gate open. Suffice it to say that by the time I got out there, he was headed back in. He was not happy- I laughed.

Jacie rode a pig for the first time. It wasn't a planned riding but...

I saw a huge pig coming at her and did not have the time to warn her. The pig came up under her and thank heavens her daddy was standing there because he plucked her off of the pig's back and lifted her over his head. She laughed. I cringed. Pigs can be kinda pushy and mean. I think it is because they are big and muscular. She also showed a pig. You can read about that in her blog @

Loren got second place in goat showmanship. I forgot to mention that there was a goat show on the grounds as well. He was in a class of twelve and almost won. He made several major errors and came out and reported them to me in detail. He cracks me up with how detailed he is. He was proud of his goat showmanship but left the day feeling low about his pigs. He has decided to get up at 5 and walk them every morning. We'll see.

Unfortunately, our pigs were the only ones that tried to jump out of the holding pens. They squealed like they were being killed and ran over everything in sight. In one class, they were so bad we were sent out of the arena- talk about embarrassing.

Yet, the time spent with the kids was worth it. I would do it again today in a heartbeat if it was what they desired. They are truly my best friends.

Last night Bart and I went out with some friends. The kids stayed home and Loren cooked for them. He then did the dishes. At thirteen- that's pretty good. Suffice it to say, this summer has not worked out as planned but I couldn't have planned how good it has been. Make sense?

Hope all is well for you.

~Camo Pants

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