The Summer in the Garden

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Potatoes Are In

It has rained and rained and rained for the past several weeks and when it is not raining- it is unbearably hot. That sounds like a sob story to me but wow... what an interesting Spring to dedicate myself to gardening. We have not worked very much in the garden because of the massive rains but have had time to spend outside pushing the mower between raindrops...

Though not exactly what I had in mind, at least the kids were outside and engaged. Very little communication can occur when one is pushing a lawn mover, one is weed whacking and the other (me) is riding.

I have noticed that the boys do better when spend time outdoors. It doesn't really matter what they are doing, they just need to be out and breathing the fresh air.

Tonight, Jacie and I had a unique experience. While Bart and the boys were over shooting at each other (paintball is one of their favorite past times,) a deer came into the yard and let me walk out the door and take a picture before it went bounding off. The dogs were standing there barking at her yet she stood in the yard for quite awhile. Jacie was enthralled. It was kind of neat to see. I finally scared her off because I was afraid that the dogs would try and hurt her. They often kill raccoons and other animals in the yard. Later, she came back for another visit but did not come as close as before. It was very interesting. I took a picture and will upload it.

Bart and I took the kids to participate in the Memorial Day parade with their horse club. I truly love Memorial Day parades though I have found that they are not well attended anymore. To me that is shocking. Anyway, it was nice for our whole family to go, show our respects and then travel home together. Bart is often working through this holiday and misses it. I think that it was good for the children to see him involved. When he is involved with them, I try to step out a little. I am with them all day- everyday. His time is more limited.

Hopefully, this week we will have better weather. I am planning to have everyone help get the flowers in the ground. I am afraid that if we wait much longer, we will get so busy that it won't happen. Last week we planted the potatoes (two kinds- Yukon Gold and Kenebec,) beets, lettuce, carrots, pea pods and onions. We will still put in watermelon, flowers and a large area of sunflowers. They are my favorite.

When we were planting potatoes, it was starting to rain. The boys and I stayed out and finished cutting the eyes, digging the holes and dropping them in. The boys had fun together which doesn't happen often right now. They laughed and joked around. I love the sound of their laughter- it seems rare. Jacie bolted for the house. She was worried that her walking cast would get wet. Funny girl. I know that she hates rain so I think that she had more reasons...

She is doing well and continues to learn to walk. This is good since Loren has carried her for almost nine weeks straight. I told him it was good for his physique. He didn't laugh.

Thank you to all of the veterans on this Memorial Day. Your sacrifice is immeasurable-

~Camo Pants

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Masterpiece

I think I finally perfected the masterpiece. I have never built a blog like this before and it was challenging- though I found it intriguing. I hope that I can enjoy its beauty as I look to documenting our Summer in the Garden.

We have begun our planting and I will get back to you with our first real post.