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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Will Blog For Food

Again, I find myself outside in the evening blogging. Part of the reason is that it is so much cooler outside than in- the other part? The children are in.

What kind of mother do those poor children have? You may question. I have a very easy, heartfelt answer for you. A terrible one. No really. I am a loner at heart. I find it difficult to think when my children are in the room, much less in the house with me. Oh and there is no kitchen table in the old house. I have taken it out to the garage in order to refinish it for the new house. Another project waiting for me.

I have placed the table and chair that I am writing on at an odd angle in order to not see the garden. It is such a mess and taunts me when I pull into the drive. Yesterday, I gave in and mowed part of it down. Some of the weeds were well over my head and an embarrassment. So that chapter is closing. I did leave up what was left of the onions (after Jared 'weeded' them.) Today when I got home I noticed that the excavator drove over the remaining ones while he was filling the hole that was made to run the electrical wire to the new house. Perhaps I am meant to buy my onions from others? Ya think...?

Last week it was too hot to blog- this week is cooler and so it is all I want to do. I wish I could make real money for my thoughts but I am afraid many people would only pay me to cease doing them. Doesn't seem right. I am debating about putting a sign in the front yard that reads, "Will Blog For Food" and see if I get any takers.

Speaking of food... I am not particularly a 'foodie' but I have to admit that tonight's supper was one for the books. The amazing thing is that it was very simple. We had fresh corn on the cob (obviously not from my garden) and hamburgers on the grill. I then added cucumbers, tomatoes and all of the goodies that others have given me to my burger. Yum. I wish you could have been there. I know for certain that the way to my children's hearts is through their stomachs. Definitely. They were quite happy with their fare.

The boys rode their horses today. It was bittersweet to see Loren on a different horse. He was having so much trouble that we had to get a new horse. We have had the horse he was on since the horse was six months old. They become like family to us. Yet, Loren is enjoying the new ride. He is learning about himself and his riding ability instead of trying to fix a horse every ride. It is good. Jared continues on Paulie. He (Paulie) is my baby. His coloring is Palomino. He is truly beautiful. At this point, he and Jared are a good match. Jacie wants a mini horse. She saw one at the horse workout a couple of weeks ago and has been after me since. I know that she would love it but the thought of going from two horses to four is enough to make this mama's heart skip a beat.

Though we are not working in the garden, the kids and I are working. There is so much that needs to be done on the farm. I think that I could have them working around the clock. After we move into the new house, we are going to tackle cleaning the big barn and the lean-to. They are in dire need. That will wait until after fair because we are booked solid until then. I would also like to try to go to Chicago in October for a day because I promised Jacie that I would take her in when she was walking. She has an itch to see the Lego Store and I would like to hit the Rock n' Roll McDonald's and the Shedd Aquarium. I know that she would love it. Perhaps I will make it a reward for a summer of hard work. That will probably come up in my other blog, The Camo Pants Professor: A Rebel With Class. That blog is dedicated to our homeschooling experience.

I suppose I had better get at the dishes. It seems a waste but my duties call.

~Camo Pants

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