The Summer in the Garden

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Summer of the Weeds

I didn't even stop to look when I last posted on this blog. It has been a terribly long time and I am embarrassed. It has also been that long since I pulled weeds in the garden that was the 'theme' for this particular blog. Man...

I wrote in my other blog that I was renaming this blog, "The Summer of the Weeds" because soon after I started it I drove a lawn tractor off of a four foot wall and broke my finger on my left hand and sprained my wrist on my right. I also bruised my ribs terribly and my legs. Really, It's pathetic. Yet, it is true. So.. I have not been able to pull weeds.

I have re-thought the name though and do not think that it is fair. Yes, the garden has gone to pot but my life continues. The children's lives continue. I am blessed. I wrote about my oldest son on my other blog. It really should have been on this blog but I started it there and left it. You can check it out at "The Crown of His Daddy" in I forget sometimes that he is only thirteen. He looks so much older and often acts older too. Yet, he is thirteen so I shouldn't be surprised when randomly, out of the blue- he acts it.

We have devoted a lot of time to finishing the new house. We are about 5-6 weeks out from moving and I am excited. I have enjoyed picking lights, counters and colors but am extremely ready to occupy, if you know what I mean! When we are not 'housing it,' we are doing animal things. The boys and I have decided that we are going to work their pigs this year. This is a new leaf for us. We always have fed them and cared for them but never walked them, clipped them- well, let me be straight here- never anything that took major effort. This has changed. Now you can drive by three times a week and witness the boys walking their pigs around the yard. Truth? I think that the pigs walk the boys but don't tell them. When my friend told me that you should let the pigs loose in the yard and walk them I thought, "You are crazy. We will never get them back in."

I was wrong. They will go back in. They run like nutcases, then slow down and eventually you can guide them in. Remember that pigs don't wear collars...

I am the one yelling, "Keep them out of the road."

The boys are the ones yelling back, "We're trying..."

It is really quite comical. I definitely try to leave myself a lot of time to help before I have to be anywhere because sometimes it takes a lot of patience and prodding to get them to walk. My luck? They will probably be our worst pigs yet. That would so make me laugh.

At times I think that our family struggles because of the stress that it is under. Bart's work schedule is intense, the boys are well into the throes of puberty and Jacie is fairly new to the family but I really don't think that is it. As I listen to other parents around us, they are in the same place with their similar aged children. I think that children have to walk through the murky waters (that's what I like to call them) in order to figure out the right direction to go. do the stresses make a difference? Of course. Yet, there is something bigger going on in the lives of my children. God is calling their hearts and that is a difficult place to be. I know how badly I fought. I expect nothing less from them. Especially Loren since he is a drop straight from the mom tree- except his nose...

Jared is reading behind me. He has begun to learn that he is not Loren. This statement may seem a little crazy to you but it makes perfect sense to me. Jared has patterned his likes and dislikes after Loren. He was his hero. If Jared wanted something and Loren said no- Jared didn't get it. As they have moved apart, Jared is learning that he can like things that are different than Loren's tastes. Jared is developing his own desires. I love that for him. Jared is an amazing person who continues to grow emotionally and physically. It is an interesting process.

Hopefully I will be a little more diligent about blogging on this blog. Hope that all is well for you.


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