The Summer in the Garden

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The End of Summer

The summer in the garden is beginning to come to an end. It is getting colder outside in the evenings and the days are getting shorter. It has been an incredibly busy around our house but I feel like great strides have been made for us as a family. I wish that I had been able to blog more of the good stuff. We have lived and learned a lot together. We have argued, laughed and cried together- none of it in the garden. Yet, in my heart I feel as though we spent the time doing some of the simple things in life. We visited with friends, worked until we were tired and invested in the most important people to us.

I couldn't ask for a better time spent. I couldn't ask for better people to spend it with. There are many people who do not enjoy their children. There are days that I feel the same way but for the most part- I had a great time. I love the time spent on them and their projects. I worry that I will get so used to doing their projects that when they grow up on me, I will be lonely. I want to invest as much time and thought as I can into the kids before they move on. I want to raise them the way I want my grand kids raised...

I do get tired of constantly 'reminding' the kids to work on their projects. I tell you what, I feel like have to hand hold them. Jared must have called me five times the other day when I went to pick up feed. Cracks me up and reminds me of last year when I yelled at Jared for not helping to get ready for fair and he promptly backed the truck into the power pole, broke it and there were live power lines down all over the farm. Let's hope that doesn't happen again this year...

I continue to be amazed at the place where I am. I am happy. The kids are happy. Everyone is growing physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am grateful for that~


The pic was taken on my recent (very short) road trip out west to see my good friend's newborns. I had a great time and the twin boys were perfect.

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