The Summer in the Garden

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Little Change in Plans

What was I thinking?!?

I planned a peaceful, quiet summer in the garden surrounded by loving children and the beauty of nature. Why would I do that when my reality is SO far from the serenity I desired. I planned this little project when the temperatures were in the 60s, the children were just completing school and the house was on schedule. Not two weeks into my little experiment- Bam!

It is over. The children are bickering, the garden is shriveling from the heat, the house is pushed back again and we are going on vacation to attend my brother's wedding. When did I think I would fit in gardening? Peacefulness? Quiet?

So I have changed my agenda. Instead of focusing my time on the time in the garden, I am going to [hopefully] grab the moments in between the crazy and really hold onto them. I am going to find the good in the midst of the crazy and settle my mind on it. When you see me, you might see a nutsy woman running behind 3 children, 6 pigs, 7 goats, 25 chickens, 2 rabbits, 3 dogs and 2 horses but that will be just an illusion. Though I will be doing all of those things- my true self will be focused on the night before when I had a special moment with one of the kids or the early morning snuggle that occurred with the youngest. So the summer in the garden will still be occurring- just in my heart.

I had one of those moments today. Loren and I drove the horses back to stable and enjoyed a nice talk. He is very interesting. He studies what he likes so intently and becomes a walking encyclopedia about various topics. It is hard to believe that he is thirteen. He looks about fifteen and talks about twenty~

It is truly amazing how quickly he has grown. He tries to be mature and handle himself correctly and I give him credit for that.

Jared, on the other hand, has entered the slippery slope of growing up. He is learning to curb his tongue to match what is expected. He too is interested in a lot of topics and enjoys playing the drums. I have yet to find a moment to connect with him because of his emotional state. Wow...

Jacie and I continue to morph into what I would consider a normal relationship. We have more moments together. She is my little lady. She is trying to steal my husband but other than that- she's a keeper.

My life is crazy. It is hectic. It is sometimes difficult. Yet, it is mine and for that I am grateful.
Hope that all is well for you-

~Camo Pants

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